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Pioneer the Future - Join Carbogatto's Round A Investment stage!

Discover a realm where fantasy meets reality with the latest Carbogatto Cafe Racer, standing side by side with a majestic unicorn. This enchanting duo symbolizes the pioneering spirit of innovation and the magical journey ahead. Embrace the extraordinary

Proven Excellence.
Carbogatto LR's Journey to Global Launch

Our confidence in the demand for Carbogatto LR is unwavering. Its excellence is not just a belief but a fact, validated by the overwhelming response received. Since its debut at EICMA 2019 in Milan, where we showcased the H7 model prototypes, and throughout three years of rigorous road testing, the consistent influx of purchase inquiries stands as a testament to its market appeal.

Therefore, our immediate goal is to prepare for the global presentation and open sales. The implementation period is 4-5 months from the closing of the round. After confirming sales and generating revenue, we can flexibly consider several scenarios for attracting the main sum, both from already confirmed local PE funds and from private investors.

Strategic Partner. Beyond the Market Trends

Seeking a Strategic Partner who not only thrives on the cutting edge of technology but also values design, aesthetics, and techno art. Your vision and experience in tech investments or entrepreneurial success can help us shape the future where innovation meets elegance.

Express your interest and gain exclusive access to our Pitch Deck, revealing the fusion of technology and artistry that defines our projects. Plus, experience the elegance of innovation firsthand with a Carbogatto LR test drive.

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Project Category

Techno Art, Luxury, Personal Mobility, MobiTech, Electric Vehicle (LEV)

Carbogatto LR on road test in Dubai

Project stage

  • Year of the company's foundation - 2018
  • Completion of Engineering Stage: Achieved in Q4 2023
  • Investment Round A: Currently underway
  • Preparations for Global Launch: In progress

Organizational Highlights

  • Project team from 15 countries
  • 3 R&D offices and HQ in Dubai
  • Production and supply of components from 9 countries
  • Assembly plant in Dubai
  • Partnership with Sauber Formula 1 Team and Sauber Technologies
  • Total Investments raised in Seed Rounds to date – $9,56 mln
  • Projected net sales in 2028 more than ~ $1,12 bn

Company Structure

Carbogatto represents a well-structured and managed business, strategically distributed across key areas and efficiently deployed in the UAE with low taxes and strong capital protection.

The organizational framework of the company is composed of three distinct entities:

  • Parent holding company responsible for overseeing subsidiaries, managing intellectual property rights, and R&D;
  • Trading entity specifically set up for the marketing and sales of electric motorcycles within the United Arab Emirates;
  • Manufacturing unit dedicated to the production of electric motorcycles for distribution in all markets outside of the UAE.

The structure allows to keep taxation low and and fully compliant with UAE tax regulation. Get to know more about the project.

About Carbogatto

Carbogatto LR - Electric Monocoque Cafe Racer. Timeless design fueled by exquisite technology. Techno art in motion, for pioneers with a vision.

Inspired by the board trackers of the early 20th century, the Carbogatto LR design blends retro charm with modern technology to embody unparalleled quality and accentuate your individuality.

Our mission is to create exceptional electric motorcycles that provide the perfect balance between art and transport. By consistently pushing boundaries and refusing to compromise, we merge the essence of timeless design with cutting-edge technology, inspiring those who have embraced the challenge and shared our passion for reimagining the future of sustainable transportation.

“After confidently unveiling our prototypes at EICMA 2019 and affirming our hypotheses, we dedicated ourselves unwaveringly to development. Now, we stand ready to proudly showcase our creation to the world.”

Carbogatto LR, the world's first luxury monocoque cafe racer in the L1e class—a true masterpiece of techno-art that embodies unparalleled uniqueness. Our team takes immense pride in overcoming the myriad of engineering challenges to bring this vision to life, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of electric cafe racers.

The design philosophy behind the Carbogatto LR is focused on timeless aesthetics, ensuring that its appeal remains always relevant and classic. This design has received global patents, underscoring its distinctiveness in the market. A key feature of the Carbogatto LR is its unique, patented monocoque frame, which is expertly crafted from carbon fiber, offering exceptional strength and lightweight properties for unparalleled performance.

In addition to the innovative carbon fiber frame, the cafe racer incorporates meticulously milled aluminum components produced on a 5-axis CNC machine. These metal parts are then finished with an anodizing process to enhance both their durability and visual appeal. The Carbogatto LR is equipped with an advanced, proprietary electronics suite and includes only the highest quality premium components, setting a new standard for luxury and performance in the realm of electric cafe racers.

In line with global trends

Carbogatto stands at the forefront of two rapidly growing markets: Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) and Luxury Goods, combining status, technology, and lifestyle into its brand ethos. The global E-bike market is expected to expand from $41.1 billion in 2020 to $70.7 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.9%. This growth is driven by increasing government support and a shift towards sustainable transportation options. Carbogatto's emphasis on advanced technology and eco-friendly solutions places it in an ideal position within this expanding market.

Concurrently, Carbogatto is carving a niche in the luxury goods market, projected to grow from $349.1 billion in 2020 to $403.2 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 2.1%. In this realm, Carbogatto capitalizes on the trend towards high-quality, exclusive products. Its blend of luxury and state-of-the-art technology not only caters to the demand for opulence but also aligns with modern consumer preferences for unique and environmentally conscious products. This strategic positioning allows Carbogatto to harness the potential of both the E-bike and luxury goods markets, promising a trajectory of growth and innovation.

Carbogatto LR: Pioneering Luxury in the L1e-B

Carbogatto LR not only occupies a unique position in the market but also pioneers the luxury segment in the L1e category of vehicles. This segment, encompassing light electric vehicles, is showing impressive sales growth, increasing by approximately 8-9% annually. A significant distinction of the L1e category is its accessibility to a much broader consumer base compared to the L3 category, which requires a category A driver's license. Carbogatto LR will become the first and, for a time, the sole representative of the luxury segment in this category, giving it a unique advantage in the market. This positioning not only highlights Carbogatto's innovative approach but also opens the door to a vast potential audience that values luxury, technology, and convenience offered by such unique vehicles.
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“Most importantly If the Carbogatto LR's ride doesn't speak to your soul, then perhaps our paths are destined to part ways!”

Founder Carbogatto Artem Faatovich on the test prototype of the H7 model

Artēm Faatovìch

CEO | Founder

Since founding Carbogatto in 2018, I've steered the company through the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and a military conflict that led to isolation, compelling a strategic share buyback and becoming the majority shareholder. This period also prompted the relocation of our business to Dubai, highlighting our adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

My leadership is rooted in nearly two decades of experience, emphasizing the cultivation of an innovative and talented team. Drawing from a diverse cultural background, I aim to inspire resilience and global perspective within our company.

At the core of my philosophy is the conviction that our mission is to transform reality based on our spiritual vision, co-creating with the Creator. Understanding the effort required to create, I hold profound respect for those dedicated to bringing new realities to life.

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